Dogmas in Science and Philosophy

  • Angel S Stefanov Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Keywords: dogma, science, philosophy, Laudan


It is usually admitted that dogmas are principles that are meticulously followed, but yet they lack a sound argumentation. The aim of my presentation is the suggestion of two claims. The first one is that the epistemological place of dogmas in science (as is for instance the central dogma of molecular biology) seems to be in what I. Lakatos has named “hard core” of a research scientific programme, but at the same time they are specific “focal” elements of it. The second claim is that dogmas in philosophy (as are for instance Quine’s two dogmas of empiricism, or Laudan’s two dogmas of methodology) play analogous role like metaphysical research programmes play in relation to scientific theories. While these programmes may justify our preference for theories, dogmas, as well as their rejection, may justify our preference for metatheories.