Wittgenstein on Values

  • Bogdan Oprea
Keywords: Wittgenstein, values, thematic continuity, methodological discontinuity


According to some authors like Bertrand Russell and Wolfgang Stegmüller, Wittgenstein’s philosophy is divided into early philosophy – Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus – and later philosophy – concentrated around the Philosophical Investigations. On the other hand, according to an author like Anthony Kenny, Wittgenstein’s philosophy is a continuum, we cannot talk about two totally distinct periods. Starting from this controversy, the aim of this paper is to show that if we look at the conception of values of the Austrian philosopher, we see that in his philosophy we can identify both elements of continuity and elements of discontinuity. Therefore, I think that in Wittgenstein’s philosophy we can talk about rather thematic continuity and methodological discontinuity.