In the Mirror, Dimly

  • Bogdana Todorova Institute for the study of societies and knowledge at BAS, Bulgaria
Keywords: art, politics, national identity, revolutionary narratives, cultural dynamics


Modern art has an evidently increased interest in political affairs in comparison to previous ages. The art is practically political propaganda when it speaks in the name of the dominating
and power values or defends them, as well as when it fights against the “traditional” and established forms and tools to consecrate them within a society. Postmodernism revived the
problems of identity, culture, aesthetic canons and standards. From this canvas emerges a complete and stable identity, which today requires reinterpretation by breaking stereotypes.
The report will analyze two – revolutionary by their nature – narratives (one of the past and one of the present) as discourses belonging to a new gnoseology – based on the cognitive
effort that affects the relation subject–object. Its main aim is the deconstruction of our reality impregnated with implicit political messages, sharply raising the issue of redefining ethics
and identity. The direction suggested for such ambition is given by the de-marketization of the art, the discourse of the aesthetic world, overcoming the dividing line between consumers
and creators. The report will conclude with the necessity to find again the essence of the miracle – Man, as a new type of humanism in an axiological discourse.